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Same as when elaborating upon a new dish Tim Boury centres each liquor and spirit around one main ingredient. This product is the basis of the recipe and the main determinator for the taste, the fragrance, the trimmings … The primary ingredients were all chosen based upon quality, value and durability. This vision is the essence of Tim’s reasoning, both in the kitchen and the glass and it has evolved meanwhile into his signature: freshly sours interspersed with spicy, fruity accents.

By that logic each primary ingredient donates its name to its own spirit:

Yuzu gin is based upon the Japanese citrus fruit, Sanguine gin puts blood orange in the spotlight, while Lavas gin relies on the character of wild celery. 

With Yuzucello the tradition of limoncello is elaborated upon. The addition of the distillate on the basis of yuzu introduces refinery and finesse to the drink. 

Yakumi, Japanese for ‘spices’ is a bit of an outsider: a full-blooded liquor, with primary sensations of fennel and vanilla. Pure, on the rocks or in a surprising cocktail.

Rondo '16 is a vermouth based on the Rondo grape, havested in 2016 in Dranouter (Heuvelland), the birth region of the brothers Tim and Ben Boury.

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The same basic idea is continued in the product design: the focus lies solely on the formal essence

During the production process perception and unicity gets centre stage. Each bottle is sandblasted, one at a time. This intensive process ensures a priceless structure of the bottle and evokes the same sensation as the restaurant experience at Boury’s.


The austere print channels attention towards the intense paint strokes. This finishing is added manually and individually by Tim and his team. The imperfectness and whimsicality introduce to the spirt the same tailor-made character that can also be found in the kitchen. Each bottle is unique because each guest is unique.